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2009-03-16 21:53:01 by AzureDragonFlame

...theres nothing much to say.......


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2012-07-08 05:45:10

Hey - I just wanted to drop you a few lines and say I managed to post an incomplete review on your harp piece, and stoopid NG doesn't let you edit or remove things even a few minutes after you've posted them. Hence, the review came out a bit harsher than intended, not to mention incomplete!

With regards to harmony, the thing I mostly reacted to was really just the out-of-key A minor - it felt somewhat crude and unjustified, and I personally think something like F in first inversion (F/A) would be a much better, and harmonically logical, choice. If you've got the time and urge, you could always read up a bit on functional harmony, it's something that's very good to have a firm grasp on.

Though on the other hand, what a teacher once said usually gets you pretty far, despite being horribly simplified: "No matter where you are in a progression, chord movement by fifth [downwards] or third [downwards] is always okay (paraphrased from Swedish)". ;)